Having someone that can repair many things around the home can be a great benefit. Simple repairs like replacing a broken or old door handle or other minor repairs can save you time and money. However, damage to your home or serious injuries, even death can result from a lack of knowledge when it comes to more complex repairs situations. If you need appliance repair Pittsburgh services, we hire only the best-certified technicians that can repair any appliance brand. Here we would like to discuss some home repairs that should only be done by a qualified technician. 

Refrigerator Repair

When your refrigerator fails to maintain a proper temperature between 35-37 degrees Fahrenheit, it is time to call in the fridge repair experts. A professional technician can have your refrigerator working in no time.  Some of the reasons why your refrigerator may stop working can only be revealed after the back panel has been removed. Some of the components that may need replacing by a qualified technician include the condensation pan and the condenser fan motor. At Pittsburgh Appliance Repairs, we can repair any type and refrigerator brand. Using the right replacement parts is also highly important and using only manufacturer-approved parts. 

Washer Repair

Not being able to wash your clothes due to a broken washing machine can be very inconvenient. One of the most common problems in washing machines occurs when the water supply hose is broken. The hose can break, allowing water to escape and sometimes flooding your laundry room. If your washer is not spinning, stops draining water or just stops working, a certified technician can properly diagnose and repair your washing machine. If you attempt to repair it yourself, you may end up injuring yourself or causing more problems within the washing machine’s components. A certified technician will bring all the necessary replacement parts to complete the repair job in one visit.

Dryer Repair

Attempting to repair your dryer can be complicated due to its many electrical components. A highly trained technician from Pittsburgh Appliance Repairs can repair any type of dryer whether it is a gas or electric dryer. Attempting to repair a dryer by yourself requires that you mount and replace any damaged component with the exact model to avoid further problems in the future. A qualified technician is able to use the right parts and can guarantee the complete work. One of the main reasons why your dryer may stop working is due to improper airflow. If you need help getting your dryer repaired, we have trained local technicians who can diagnose any problem and repair it in the quickest possible time. We work with many brands and only use approved parts. Our trained technicians can also show you how to provide preventive maintenance to your appliances to avoid early breakdowns. 


If you need repair services in Pittsburgh, our certified crew of technicians can help you save hundreds of dollars through our repair services. For more information visit our website at https://pittsburghappliancerepairs.com



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