There are a lot of companies offering to repair your appliances in Pittsburgh. All of these companies aim to hire experienced, dependable contractors and technicians who can complete a job on time without wasting materials. So it can be difficult to know if you are getting the best contractor in some cases. 

Do You Always Need A Repairman? 

If one of your appliances is acting up, you may be wondering what your options are and whether or not you might need to consider replacing your appliance. Calling an appliance repair service is usually the best option when you aren’t sure of the problem, because a technician will be able to easily diagnose your appliance problems without too much trouble in most cases. This means that you don’t need to worry about wasting your time with multiple calls and visits, and you don’t need to waste your money on faulty repairs either. 

When your appliances go on the fritz, it can be hard to tell if they can be repaired, or if a repair would even be cost effective. An appliance repair contractor will often be able to tell you after just a few questions whether or not you should be looking for a repair or a replacement. Here are some of the ways that the repairman at Pittsburgh Appliance Repairs determine whether or not an appliance should be replaced. 

  • Analyze The Cost 

If you have an appliance that is relatively newer, there is a good chance that you only need a replacement part or a repair. An aged appliance will often have additional costs beyond the repair. For instance, older appliances will be less energy efficient. You may also need specific parts that are hard to find or a technician who specializes in repairing the specific appliance. In most cases, you will want to replace an outdated and less efficient model unless the repair is minor. 

Once you know the cost of the repair, you can factor in the cost of the appliance, the age of the model, and the cost to replace it with the same model or newer, you can determine if the appliance is worth salvaging. You can also factor in the cost of operation for some appliances and consider if you might save more money in the long run by replacing your current model with one that is more energy efficient. 

  • Age of the Appliance

Factoring into the cost is the age of the appliance and how much use it gets. Unless you are using your appliance sparingly, it will often need more extensive repairs due to general use the longer that you have it. 

You shouldn’t let your attachment to an appliance get in the way of its value. For instance, it is not worth keeping your first washer and dryer for sentimental reasons if it takes more than 3 hours to dry your clothing properly and the cost of a repair would outweigh the cost of a new system. 

  • The True Cost of Repair vs. Replacement

Consider the future cost of your appliances when it comes to calling an appliance repairman. It might be cheaper to pay for a repair of your appliance today, but what about the next time that it malfunctions? The longer that you have an appliance, the more repairs it will need. Some repair work should be expected to extend the life of the appliance, but eventually it may become more affordable to cut your losses and purchase a newer model. Not to mention, switching to a more energy efficient model can help you save money on your energy bills as well. 

On the other hand, if the cost to repair the appliance is more than the cost to replace it, you should always go with the replacement. This is most commonly found with older models or those that suffer major damage, where scrap value is the most that can be expected from the appliance. 

  • Downtime

Whether you’re talking about appliances for a residence or business, most appliances get pretty consistent usage. If your appliance(s) will be down for a few days for repair, this isn’t normally a major issue for individuals and families. Businesses on the other hand stand to lose revenue and even customers if they cannot be fully operational at all times. 

There are fast repair technicians, but sometimes you need to wait on parts for the repair to be completed. Sometimes a technician will not be available immediately to come out and review your situation. In these cases, particularly if you know the value of your appliance, it is better to seek a replacement model. 

  • Safety

Is your existing appliance up to safety standards? A lot can change in just a few years when it comes to the technology that we use in our homes. Has your appliance become difficult or even dangerous to use over the years? Does it use technology that has since been determined unsafe? If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, you should replace your appliance right away. Even if your appliance is still functional, missing or outdated safety components are an accident waiting to happen; one that could end up costing you much more than a new appliance installation.

  • Efficiency

Not all appliances are or remain efficient. Just like an appliance’s safety standards can become outdated, so too can their efficiency. This is even more true when it comes to the energy consumption of your appliances. While it can be difficult to determine the efficiency of an appliance, it is generally assumed that appliances that are more than 10 years old and/or that have had more than 3 moderate repairs or part replacements are ready for a replacement. However, it will depend on your specific situation and the amount that you use your appliance. 

Get In Touch With A Service Technician

It’s true that appliance repairs are generally less costly than replacements. However, repairs can quickly add up, along with missing safety, efficiency, and usability features, making it a better option to replace the faulty appliance altogether. Are you have trouble determining if your appliance should be replaced? Do you need to speak to an expert appliance repair technician in Pittsburgh to help you determine the extent and cost of the repairs that your appliance might need? Get in touch with us at https://pittsburghappliancerepairs.com/.


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