Have you ever been doing laundry, but when you go to start the dryer it just won’t start? Well, don’t lose all hope. There could be many possibilities that cause your dryer to not start. It could be a simple issue like a defective latch, a broken switch, or even a tripped breaker. The situation may not be so complicated if you are able to detect the problem. Although some issues might be easy to handle, you will have to find a good Pittsburgh dryer repair technician that residents can trust if it gets complicated. Three most common parts of a dryer that may break down are the thermal switch, the plug, the door switch or the start switch. You just need patience and a multimeter to verify if these are the ones causing trouble. 

Basic Reasons a Dryer Might Not Be Working Properly

Below are a few of the most common issues for a dryer not to be working.You will always want to check these first before considering a repair main.

It Is Disconnected 

This might be the most simple and easiest reason to fix. The chords may not be plugged in correctly or at all. Check if it is plugged in correctly and your outlet has electricity. By checking this simple step, you will save unnecessary dryer maneuvering.

A Circuit Breaker is Tripped

This is also a very common problem. It is simple to fix by opening the electrical panel and checking if all the switches are aligned. Reset any tripped breakers and see if this is the reason your dryer doesn’t start.

Thermal Fuse without Electrical Current 

Your dryer needs scheduled vent cleaning to prevent a blown thermal fuse and even to prevent fires. A thermal fuse protects your dryer from getting overheated. You can find it in the back panel. Another thermal fuse can be located on the heating element. If it is possible, unplug the dryer then remove the thermal fuse. Test the fuse with a multimeter. Replace a fuse that does not conduct an electrical current.  

A Defective Door

It is necessary to close your dryer correctly. A dryer will not start if it senses that the door is open. You need to unplug the unit and take off the door switch. It is under the top panel. 

Use a multimeter to check if it is working. 

A broken start switch

You need to unplug the dryer first. Take away the switch and see if it is working with a multimeter. If it is not working, then replace it. You can do this. If you are not sure, then contact a technician. 

Dryers are essential for our daily use. These simple tips can help you. Many times the thermal fuse, start switch and door switch might cause your dryer to give you trouble. Follow our recommendations and avoid simple trouble. If you consider the fact it might be something related to the motor or you prefer a professional to check it out, then contact us online and visit our website at https://pittsburghappliancerepairs.com/ for more useful information and professional service to help you with appliance repairs. 



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