Modern appliances are making it easier than ever to wash just about every article of clothing that you own in just the way that it was meant to be washed. There are even washing machines that go beyond cleaning your clothes with features like steaming built in. With so many features, improved life span and efficiency, it’s expected that your appliances can hold up to a lot more than their predecessors. 

Thus enters the age old question: can you put shoes in a washing machine? Here are some tips from an appliance repair company in Pittsburgh to help you get cleaner shoes while keeping your appliances in good shape. 

Is It Okay To Clean Shoes In A Washer?

In short, you can toss your shoes into most washing machines without harm to the machine. Newer model appliances are still able to hold up to the rigor of such a load, but what about your shoes themselves? It’s common for shoes to be made with materials that aren’t designed for a battering in your washer or a baking in your dryer. Keep these things in mind if you’ve got a dirty old pair of sneakers you’ve been thinking about cleaning up: 

  • Some running shoes or sneakers have manufacturer warnings stating that wear from washing machines can cause the glues bonding the shoe to break down, resulting in shorter footwear lifespan
  • Just like your favorite wool sweater, the materials of shoes can shrink in the wash, giving you a pair a size smaller than the ones you put in. 
  • Materials like leather and suede will be ruined by a soaking; these shoes need to be specially treated when cleaning
  • If your shoes have delicate stitching or embellishments, these features could be ruined in a washing machine. 

Tips For Washing Shoes

No matter what you’re about to throw in your washing machine, it’s always best to take a moment to read the label. Most clothing (and shoe) manufacturers sew a tag onto the article in question with cleaning instructions. Even if your shoes are safe for the washing machine and you have selected the correct cycle, there are still a few things you can do to make sure that your shoes are cleaned safely. 

  1. Remove the laces
  2. Remove dirt/debris you don’t want in the machine
  3. Remove any insoles
  4. Try to clean the shoes as much as possible before placing in the machine
  5. Secure the shoes in a laundry bag or pillow case

Professional Tips

Now you have the basics of cleaning your shoes in a washing machine! If you want to get a professional clean, follow these additional tips.

  1. Add towels to the machine to cushion/quiet the shoes
  2. Use the cold, delicate wash cycle if your shoes do not specify
  3. Add your laces to the pillowcase or laundry bag to wash without tangling
  4. Use liquid detergent, never powder
  5. Winter salt staining your shoes? Use equal parts white vinegar and water and a sponge to dab the shoe clean. 
  6. Never put your shoes in a dryer; the heat will break down the glues. Let your shoes air dry or try putting them over a heating vent. 

Worn Out Washers – Call For Appliance Repair

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