Everyone wants their appliances to last as long as they can. There are many factors that affect the life of your appliances, including the washing machine. Although washing machines use to last up to two decades, nowadays it is a different situation. The life of a washing machine is about 7 years currently. It really depends on how well you take care of it and the brand of the washing machine too.  Extending the life of your washing machine is important. You need to make sure to give your washing machine the appropriate maintenance and remember to buy the best Kenmore washer replacement parts in Pittsburgh

There are many steps that you can follow to extend the life of your washing machine. Here are a few recommendations that you can start applying to your home. The better you take care of your washing machine, the more it will last. 

Never Overload your Washing Machine

This is a very important recommendation. It is necessary to not overload the washing machine. If you put too many clothes in your washing machine, then it will not be able to move and wash it appropriately. 

Avoid Using too much Detergent 

Detergent can clog your washing machine and take away the bright colors of your clothes. It is necessary to use less detergent to not damage your clothes. If detergent isn’t eliminated from your washing machine, then it will attach the washing drum and make your washing machine stink. Your washing machine needs to have enough air ventilation and circulation

Wash your Washing Machine

It is very important to wash your washing machine. Some washing machines even bring an option to wash them automatically. This needs to be done without any clothes and is very important to eliminate any detergent residue, bacteria, and even the disgusting mold.  

Maintenance is the Key

It is necessary to read your owner’s manual and verify how often it needs maintenance. Proper maintenance will detect problems or issues that might get complicated in the future. You need to clean the dispenser. Make sure to contact a professional if you find anything unusual. You are in charge of your home and appliances. You have to schedule maintenance at least once a year so a professional can check out your washing machine and make sure everything is working well.

Your washing machine is an investment that you need to take care of. Appropriate care, cleaning, and maintenance can extend the life of any appliance. Make sure that you are using your washing machine correctly, too. Don’t hear advice from the neighbors or other people who are not professionals in the area. This will save you a lot of money and problems. 

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